How to be my BFF

29 Nov

I read Hello Giggles pretty religiously and get a lot of blog inspiration from them. This post is a rip off of this post.  It was an obvious choice because I love lists. Such as this one about How to Snag Jason Segel. Since no one wants my dating advice, let’s be real. I’ll just tell you how to be best friends with me. Honestly, I know this is much more reliable and desirable anyways.

1. Free Willy. If you love movies about adorable orcas who teach orphans the meaning of family, we could be besties. There are four movies out now, I will admit I have not see the fourth installment (Return to Pirates Cove). You probably also love Michael Jackson’s Will You Be There, my theme song. It’s really is a great movie with a killer (whale) soundtrack.

2. Cheese. A staple in my diet, you should love it too. I already have enough lactose-intolerant friends anyways. I like it on tacos, omelets, crackers, soup, quesadillas, burgers, wraps, fries, nachos, broccoli, everything. Just think, we could hang out and make our own fondue!

3. Have a trampoline. This was a bigger factor when I was a child, but I’m reintroducing it to my list. I’d love to come over to your house and bounce and bounce and bounce. When our legs get tired we’ll just lay on the trampoline and look at the sky and talk about our favorite movie stars. Great exercise and you feel like you’re flying. Now can you please get off so I have enough room to do a flip without kicking you in the face?

4. Wear patterns. Especially cheetah and houndstooth (or wolf fang as my family calls it). Whenever I see someone with a bold accessory or teal jeans, I think, “we just might be friends.” You’re probably the kind of person who will compliment me on my outfit and not tell me to change or de-cheetahfy.

5. E-Cards. I hope you love receiving them and sending them as much as I do. My latest favorite is the sassy Someecards. I just love getting a little pick me up laugh midday. I have one friend who sometimes I communicate all day with solely using ecards. It saves on paper and on postage. Most of them, or at least the ones I use, are free. If you send me one, I know we’re destined to be friends forever.

So if you measure up, let’s go to Claire’s and buy broken heart necklaces. Dibs on the “best” half!


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