Life list

15 Nov

There comes a time in every blogger’s life when one must sit down and write the most quintessential, obvious, overdone post of all time. Yes, you’re right it’s time for my very own “Bucket List” or “Things to To Do Before I Die List” or as I prefer “Life List.” There are a lot of things I’d like to do before I die, but I also like to think I have quite a while before then. That leaves me zero motivation to get started, so I call it a life list so I will actually may do one or two things in the foreseeable future.

People stinkin’ love these lists, maybe because of that movie about the old guys with Morgan Freeman or maybe because people just like lists. I do. I also think it makes you feel adventurous that someday you want to go skydiving. I do. Maybe it reminds us that the glory days are not over, but ahead of us, that we still have adventures to look forward to- nah, that’s too cheesey.

So, dear readers and random people who’ve stumbled across this blog (judging by analytics, you found it via Facebook or Twitter) get ready for the highly anticipated Shannon’s Life List. Perhaps you can judge my character by these or maybe they’ll inspire great date ideas, whatever, enjoy.

Wear three pairs of sunglasses, check!

Go to Europe and Hawaii

Be interviewed for an NPR feature

Watch or compete in the Olympics

Get a masters degree

Go to a Celine Dion concert or Garth Brooks, I’d settle for Garth

Visit New York

Learn to play a instrument

Be someone’s boss

Start and finish all of the scrapbooks my mom has planned

Learn to drive a stick shift

Run a (half) marathon

Go on a cruise

Sell a piece of my own art

Get lifted in a chair at my wedding (you know, like the Jewish tradition)

Get nationally certified to teach Pilates

Have kids who know all of the words to Country Grammar (it’s genetic, right?)

Take aforementioned kids on cool family vacations like my parents did. Maybe also take my parents so my dad can teach them about rocks and my mom will take pictures.

Live in a city that has an NBA team (not this season) and become a fan of the NBA.

Go on a hot air balloon ride

Write a book

Skydive (cheap shot, I know)

**This list is subject to change.


One Response to “Life list”

  1. Sosha November 16, 2011 at 2:52 am #

    Good luck for striking off all these items!

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