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10 Nov

I know, you’re expecting me to blog about who I think the Cards’ new manager should be or my feelings about Mizzou in the SEC or the JoePa scandal at Penn State. Well, I hate to disappoint because I know this is the blog you turn to for my informed sports opinions, but I’d like to take a moment today and tell you about two wonderful women who make my world go ’round- my roommates.

Alexis, Ashley and I live in a precious house- no a HOME in the prestigious student ghetto of Columbia. I’m not telling you any more details because I don’t know if you’re a creep of not. Just know we have a huge, man-eating dog that keeps us safe. And I’ve seen Home Alone so don’t mess. I will tell you that we call our humble residence the Dollhouse (see #dollhouse on Twitter). It’s named for it’s small-but-cute charm and the fact that every room is a different, bright color. Brandon says is looks like a Mexican family painted it, to help you get a mental picture.

Alexis, myself and Ashley out on the town.

This is the first year any of us have lived together. We’ve all had a slug of other roommates, good and less good. Fortunately, mine have mostly been good. I mean, Emily and I sang Newsies, Kate and I danced to Wave Your Flag in the wee hours of the night and Erin and I have matching nighties. Needless to say, I had high expectations for sharing my nest.

And they delivered. We have soul-sharing moments on the couch under our respective snuggies (and sluggies). We watch Law and Order SVU together. We all love pizza and Addison’s nachos. Each of us owns a jean jacket, sometimes we wear them out at the same time. On Halloween we raged together. We talk about high school homecomings and boys and family and their school. And they don’t judge me for eating chips and salsa almost daily. I think what’s best about our terrific trifecta is that we each bring our own taste of culture to the Dollhouse.

At 5' 6" I am the tallest doll.

Alexis, of beautiful Boonville, Mo, brought not one, but two apple cutters to the house. She is the reason we don’t waste time cutting fruit. She got us hooked on Law and Order SVU. Did you know Tuesday is marathon day? Clear your calendar! Before living in the Dollhouse, I’d probably seen four episodes in my whole life. Now, sometimes when I’m watching I see reruns. Yes, reruns of a show that has 13 seasons. It is also the reason we all double check the doors are locked and green dot each other more than most roomies.

The Brown family drops by from time to time, which is always fun. The origins of our favorite game called “Pretend You’re Asleep” can be traced back to the Browns. When you her someone unlocking the door, everyone in the family room pretends to be asleep when they walk in. I’ve fallen asleep mid-bite or while painting my nails. It’s laughs every time. Alexis also brings a crazy big collection of Disney movies to the house. Does your roommate have Fox and the Hound on DVD? Didn’t think so.

Ashley hails from majestic Mexico, Mo, and when you hear a phone ringing or a text beeping it, it’s usually hers. Sometimes I set my phone alarms to go off so look like I have as many friends as her (ok, not really, but I’ve thought about it). Ashley is the happiest, laughiest person I know. Her biggest contribution to the Dollhouse is the introduction of Kardashians and Kendra. Alexis and I watch with her and we ask a lot of questions like, “Who’s baby is that?” “Wait is she the one married to the NBA player?” “What is she wearing?!?” I sometimes think Ashley gets annoyed that she can’t watch reality TV in peace, but Alexis and I are glad to have some pop culture in our life.

Ashley possess something unique at the Dollhouse: Foursquare. Sometimes we sit on the couch and she tells us where Brandon Mills has checked in recently. “Oh, Brandon is a Michelle’s” “Brandon is the mayor of Jesse Hall”- things we love to know. Ashley and I share a bathroom and she uses some kind of product (shampoo? lotion?) that makes our bathroom smell awesome.

Lastly, I like to think I contribute a little to the culture of the Dollhouse. Naturally, I always have chips and salsa lying around, because you never know. And because they are one of my five main food groups (chips and salsa, mexican, cheese, vegetables/fruit and string cheese). Ashley and Alexis probably love that I know a lot of song lyrics. Just saying, don’t start God Help the Outcasts unless you want me to sing all of the verses. Same goes for Wicked and Celine Dion songs.

My greatest contribution so far has been bringing baseball to the dolls. This October, I watched the Cardinals win the World Series,  many of those games from the Dollhouse couch. Alexis was more likely to claim the Royals as her home team, but by the time the Cardinals and the Rangers faced off, all three of us were cheering for the Redbirds. This is a personal victory considering Ashley though Mark McGwire was Jerry Maguire and Tony LaRussa was Tony LaRusso.

We're the cutest.

If you’ve spent much time at the Dollhouse, you might be familiar with our standards. They are high. We have a very complicated code system to slyly alert the other dolls about our own status. I can’t share them on this blog because they are top secret. We have some other rules that we refer to on a weekly basis, such as lock the door.  Our latest favorite is “If you have to ask if it was a date, it wasn’t.” That closely follows “If you have to ask if it’s business casual, it’s not.” And the reoccurring “Boys are the worst.”

The Dollhouse also loves having a constant stream of visitors. During Homecoming we slept eight comfortably (?). We do have some reoccurring guests: Brandon, Emily, Jacque and both Joshs. The word “Landmark” seems bold, but I’ll go ahead and say it, we’re a landmark.


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  1. Emily November 11, 2011 at 12:54 am #

    Love your posts Shay! I just had several short bursts of laughter (you know, like what Alexis does when she reads something really funny) reading this dollhouse post. You girls sound fabulous and classy as always!


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