19 and counting

8 Nov

Big news today: Michelle Duggar is preggers again. For the 20th time. I am not one to judge your family or theirs- as my wise roommate says “You do you, and I’ll do me.” But 20 kids?

I am blessed to be the oldest of three. Call me biased, but I think three is a great number. We were all born within five years, so we’re close and we shared toys and clothes and cars and all that other sibling stuff. I am also lucky enough to have a brother and a sister, so our Barbies visited the farm and even sailed on a pirate ship once. Basically, I had a perfect childhood.

Am I a little jealous of the Duggars? Ok, a tiny bit. They can play a full court basketball game, with subs and without inviting any of the neighbor kids. The Whitney’s had to stick to knockout or horse. If the neighbors were home we could play three-on-three. According to the picture below they can also man an orchestra. Not only could my siblings not do that, we also can only play a half of an instrument between the three of us.

I also bet the Duggars have really fun family gatherings. There’s probably always lots of people to help you with homework or take you to soccer practice (the kids do play soccer, right?). I wonder how they play board games? I mean what game accommodates 20 players? Bingo. Heads Up Seven Up. My guess is that they are all so spread out that they have sibling cliques who probably play different board games.

I’ve seen their TV show a couple of times and I was just confused the whole time. I couldn’t keep the kids straight and their house is giant. One episode they try to take a family picture and it’s a struggle, at best. The Whitney’s can relate to this. We’re just a regular-ole American family who can’t coordinate 5 people to smile at the same time. It also doesn’t help that we have all have squinty Whitney eyes that love to close when cameras flash.

Here is my family of models.

But back to what I originally intended this post to be about, having lots of kids. As much as having 19 siblings could be an adventure, are those kids getting enough attention? Who’s to say how much is enough? Especially after child #19, I don’t think it’s a great idea, but who am I to say?

I really like Tina Fey’s thoughts on reproduction in Bossypants. She believes it’s nobody’s business if she’s going to have another kid or not. So let the Duggars have another child. Also let those couples who don’t want kids just be happy with their dogs. No matter what you think about birth control, abortion, reproductive rights or having a school bus full of kids- you do you and I’ll do me. Someday, hopefully years down the road when I decide to produce offspring, I hope they have some siblings. More than one but less than 20.

I think the real question is when will they run out of names beginning with the letter J?

I bet all the Duggars could not share one king-sized bed on vacation!


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