Commitment to costume

3 Nov

Here’s an unsurprising confession: I LOVE costumes.

I also love holiday accessories. This can be traced back to my mom, who has pins and earrings for every occasion. Back in my grade school days, she would let me pick out a Santa pin to wear on my jumper for our classroom Christmas parties. By sixth grade, I was far too cool for this, but in high school I reverted back to my stylish mother’s ways. Although I can’t say I own a single pin, I do have holiday earrings for almost any occasion.

Maybe my love for festivities come from spending four blissful years in an all-girls high school. It was cool to go all out and wear a pumpkin outfit that made you look 200lbs to school on orange day.

Last year on Halloween I was Lady GaGa. I had coke can hair rollers, a leotard and my higgest heels. See photo. For me it’s all about dedication. I wanted to be GaGa down to the earrings. I look for any excuse to put that leotard on.

One of the biggest compliments of my life came from my friend Adrienne that night. She said, “Someday when you’re a mom you’re kids are going to have the coolest costumes.”

Just imagine, having more than one person to dress!

This year Erin and I decided on a team costume. We love Sophia Grace Brownlee. Erin has brown hair, so she was Sophia and I was her hype girl/cousin.

We crafted tutus out of lots and lots of tulle and sewed ilet on socks to make lacie socks. The crowns  and wands completed the outfit. Most people thought we were ballerinas but it helped that we yelled “I’M THE SECOND NIKI MINAJ!” That helped.


2 Responses to “Commitment to costume”

  1. Mr N-back from D-wood November 4, 2011 at 10:19 am #

    I’m not a fashionista or anything, but I’m pretty sure you made your costumes out of “tulle” not tool-duh


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