Why do I say that??

27 Oct

For most of my life, at least the most that I remember, I’ve let myself get caught on little sayings. Some might even say I overuse words or phrases. They just pop out of my mouth, I don’t really have an explanation for this phenomenon.  I like to think most of the time I use these little boogers appropriately and in context. Nothing makes me more upset than when someone misuses a word.

“She literally wrote ‘You suck’ on my test and gave me a D.”

Wait, did she literally do it? As opposed to figuratively? Do you know what literally means? Probably not. A much better use of the word literally:

“She literally put her foot in her mouth because yoga’s increased her flexibility.”

See? Literal? That’s what that means.

Some people also over quote movies. Anchorman was the popular favorite for way too long. Don’t ever tell me you’re in a “Glass case of emotion” ever again. I do however love really obscure movie quotes because they are usually way funnier and three people in the whole world understand them.

Around the house I love to yell, “We got beer-mosas in the kitchen.”

My family thinks I’m funny, I swear. Also, it’s ALWAYS acceptable to quote Mean Girls. “That’s why her hair’s so big, it’s full of secrets.”

“Woof” has been at the pinnacle of my vocabulary lately. I can blame my beautiful friend Kelly Brophy for that treasure. She started it during Summer Welcome and you could say that I’ve been attached ever since. I could always say “damn” instead, but woof is funnier and not a universal bad word. I also feel like I can put a certain amount of emotion into it. Say “woof” and slump your shoulders at the same time. See?

This has caught on with my family and friends and my dog. I’m especially proud. Here’s the actual origin of Kelly’s woof, and therefore my own.

Lately, I’ve also been using “Shooot” a lot as a positive exclamation. Another, more embarrassing and at times inappropriate Shannon word is not a word, but an onomatopoeia. I say “lalalalala” as a place filler. You know, instead of “blah blah blah” or finishing my thought.

“They told me I couldn’t play on their rugby team because my heart defect could cause a massive stroke. They were being mean and lalalalala.”

I mean, why can’t I just finish the story? Or just end the sentence? I don’t know, but this is a bad habit. I need to lock it up.


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