Happy Fall Ya’ll

23 Oct

Happy fall everyone! Some people have been saying this since the Fall Equinox which was Sept 23, or something. Being a life-long Missouri resident, I am an expert at changing seasons and I do not need a scientific explanation of the sun’s rotation la la la to tell me when seasons are changing. Use this post to help you decide if it is fall in your heart yet or not. No hurry, I love all the seasons equally, except summer- it’s my favorite.

People on Twitter start complaining about how cold it is. It’s 50 degrees people!! Put on a jacket and can it. I really don’t like weather tweets, but living in a college town full of people from all over, sometimes that’s all I see. People from Texas and Florida, I’m looking at you. I can almost make an excuse for you if this is your first Missouri winter or you’ve never seen snow. After one though, cold should not surprise you.

The infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte. I am one of probably four people who graduated from Journalism school without a severe addiction to coffee or some sort of caffeine. I have never had one, nor am I really interested in trying one. My overall thought on coffee is, why learn to like something that isn’t really good for me and will sneakily take money out of my wallet. I’ve already made this mistake with beer. Back to the lattes, everyone talks and tweets about them like Kate Middelton on her wedding day. As much as I do not care for coffee, I really appreciate this red flag of fall.

Leaves change, so I-70 actually looks pretty for one month each year. That should not go unnoticed.

There will come a weekend when I can’t wear a sundress without a cardigan. And by can’t, I mean shouldn’t. Every time this happens I foolishly leave the house thinking, “It’s not so bad.” By the time I arrive at my destination and wait in line to pay too much for cover in a town of 100,000 people, I have regrets.

Two weekends ago, I realized this is not actually a problem, but a set up for a truly win-win situation. It was a chilly homecoming night and I was with a large group of friends on the rooftop patio of a local hot spot. I was wearing a yellow sundress with black accessories, in true school spirit. I did have a cardigan on, but it was pretty chilly. My friend J….- his name is not important, had a jacket on and offered it to me, like a true gentleman. Here’s what happened.

Friend: Here, take my coat.

Me: No, I had poor wardrobe planning, this is my cross to bear.

J-I mean, friend: No, really take it. It makes me look like a gentleman.

Me: Ok, fine.

Yes, I was warm for the rest of the night! (win) He looked like a kind person for giving me his coat. (win) Minus the fact that he was probably cold the rest of the evening, I’d say this is really the optimal plan for fall. Don’t wear a coat, do a gentleman the favor of borrowing his. Really, just to make him look and feel good. Men, wear a coat and an insulated shirt underneath so you can give it away at a moment’s notice.

Later in the night I was talking to another friend, named Lauren.

Lauren: You were smart to bring a coat, it got really cold tonight.

Me: No I wasn’t. (insert friend’s name) gave me his.

Lauren: Wow, that was really nice of him. He’s great.

Me: And I’m warm. (I didn’t really say that but it’s funnier that what I did say, artistic license)

Naturally, I immediately texted my cold, gentleman friend and told him about the compliment. I figured it would at least warm his heart because I had his jacket. I also felt less bad about him being cold because he has chest hair and I do not. That’s warm, right?

Another bonus to my coat-thieving ways is that you don’t have to worry about your outfit from a fashion viewpoint. If you wear your own coat, then you need to coordinate it with your entire outfit. If you borrow one,  it’s not expected to match at all! Great, I know. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good-looking coat.

Dark picture, but I want to show this coat off. I'm modeling it on the left.

Along with warmer clothes, it’s time to put away my jorts and my sandals. Cue tears. I really look better in summer clothes, although I am excited to reintroduce my large scarf collection back into my everyday wear. I spend the first month of summer perfecting the callouses on my feet so I don’t bleed when wearing sandals. It’s a long, painful month, but I know that gross skin between my toes will eventually thicken and blisters will go away before the Fourth of July. Then fall comes politely knocking on the door and it’s time to get out the flats. My poor feet have to forget all the summer callouses and relearn that awful spot on the back of my heels. Then, May rolls around the the cycle begins again.

Really all-in-all, I’m a fan of fall. And now a poet. After three, almost four sweaty months, I’m ready for a change.


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