Diva Beauty Secrets

11 Oct

If you know me, your expectations are low. If you don’t know me, are you sure you want to take advice from someone who spends 15 minutes of her morning routine in front of the mirror and the other 30 eating breakfast? Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Secret time… I used to be self-conscious to say this… but … I get my hair cut at Great Clips.

It’s true. I’m writing this today because I got my haircut.

I never thought about it until I came to college and girls would say things like, “I can’t wait to go home for Thanksgiving and get a hair cut. (Insert name) is the only person who’s cut my hair since I was four.”

Naturally, I felt self-conscious because my family switches between two different Great Clips and I can’t tell you the name of a single person who’s cut my hair ever. My mom used to always go to the same lady (at Great Clips) named Bert. Mom would call ahead and find out when she was working. She said Bert did a great job and don’t get me wrong, my mom’s hair ALWAYS looks good, but I thought her hair looked the same. I’m pretty sure Mom just liked talking to Bert for the 15 minutes it took to get a hair cut.

So back to these self-conscious college conversations with loyal salon patrons. I didn’t realize it was a thing to have a regular beautician, so I would always just wait until I went home to get a haircut too. Not because I wanted so-and-so to do it, more because my mom would pay for it and have a coupon. If you’ve never been to Great Clips, it’s $14 for a haircut, but I’ve never paid that much. It’s only $8.99 with a coupon.

I know what you’re thinking, “But Shannon, you have such great hair! I can’t believe it’s done by someone with three children to three different fathers, living in a trailer with an asymmetrical haircut, wearing six rings and working a Great Clips.” Oh but I do.

Here’s the real beauty secret: I have naturally curly hair. That’s all you notice. I mean, it’s big, so that’s all you can notice. You can’t tell me how long it is because it depends on if it’s wet or dry or if it has gel in it. You can’t even tell what color it is anymore as it slowly trails off the blonde spectrum and into the world of brunette.

I used to be a little disappointed when no one noticed my haircuts, like even my own parents. In college I was relieved because then I didn’t have to tell people I had my hair cut at (gasp) Great Clips. No matter what, it just curls. It looks curly. That’s all.

This post is not saying everyone should go to Great Clips. Then there would be a line (I’m a walk-in, always) and that would be bad for the business of all of the classy hair dressers. Please, continue to stimulate the economy and get your hair cut by professionals if you so choose. All I’m saying is, don’t feel bad if your haircut cost less than $10. Well, unless you went to Fantastic Sams, because that’s plain trashy.


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