Once you go mac you never go back

6 Oct

In light of Steve Jobs’ early death tons of photos, quotes and tributes to him are popping up all over the internet. As much as I hate gushing over celebrity deaths, well except for the King of Pop (Rest in Peace Michael), I really think Mac lovers and computer users alike have Steve to thank for the way we use computers today.

This is a pretty cool post from Poynter about Jobs’ influence on the design world. I mean the guy thought up the mouse for crying out loud. If that’s news you should rent Pirates of Silicon Valley this weekend.

I remember when iPods first took off. I thought, why do I need that? I mean, I have a CD player. Now I use it everyday. Same goes for the iPad.

These devices that don’t seem totally practical have influenced our culture, ways of life and business incredibly.

Jobs is super famous for his simplicity. As the Poynter writer says, trash cans look like trash cans. A monkey who can read can figure out how to find a song on an iPod. It has four buttons.

The iPad and the iPhone are the same way. A sleek design with a basic interface. Using one seems natural.I know Steve was probably not the person literally building or designing the iPhone (maybe I’m wrong?), but he was smart enough to surround himself with brilliant people who shared and enhanced his vision. So thanks Steve! I hope that fruit company that Forrest Gump invested in early on continues your legacy.


One Response to “Once you go mac you never go back”

  1. Mr N-back from D-wood October 7, 2011 at 6:52 am #

    I heard that the Apple guys “liberated” the idea for a GUI while on a tour of a XEROX R&D lab, so maybe it’s fairer to say Jobs refined the mouse and introduced it to the public.

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