Business casual: the uncharted terriority of my post-grad closet

28 Sep

One of the biggest adjustments of my chic post-grad lifestyle- besides eating like a human, waking up at 7 everyday and not having homework- is the business causal dress of a working woman. Until I was 18 years old, my mornings consisted of waking up, putting on a plaid skirt and a shirt that at least smelled clean, ponytailing my hair, eating breakfast and brushing my teeth.

Then I went to college and to my dismay, Mizzou did not have a uniform. Some may argue that leggings, Uggs and free t-shirts count, but that’s another blog post for another day. Every morning I awoke to the dramatic choices of which t-shirt I would wear and whether or not to layer and/or wear my rain boots. Laugh all you want, but wet feet are gross.

Yes, college is when I discovered wearing mascara everyday is a good choice and not wearing yoga pants and gym shorts everyday is also a good choice. Of course there was almost one day every week you might see me on campus in yoga pants but not recognize me because my eyes were lost on my face (sans-mascara). Eventually, by the end of my senior year, I was wearing presentable tops and jeans daily. Occasionally I could be seen wearing a dress- ok, that only happened twice.

Most kids developed a sense of style and the what-to-wear-to-school sense beginning in kindergarten. Since I was a late bloomer, I had a lot of catching up to do. Then, four years later I graduated and had to relearn my everyday fashion to be office-appropriate. I know, all that work and then the rules change on me. I was heart-broken.

I am part of the minority of a hospital that does not wear scrubs (Seriously, how great would that be? They’re like jammies). Our dress-code uses the famously vague language of “business casual.” Those words mean something totally different to every situation. In some places business casual includes jeans, in some places business casual includes colored jeans, in some places business casual means you have to have pantyhose on with a skirt (eww)… I mean, really, anything (see graphic below).

So I’m slowly getting used to making fashion decisions before 7:15a.m. Laugh, but this Catholic school girl struggles sometimes. Now I not only wear mascara, but also some eye shadow daily. Shooot. I also accessorize appropriately and in true Mean Girls style, I try to limit my ponytail to one day a week (looks like you picked today).

My business casual rules thus far:

1. No repeating outfits within a two week period.

2. Heels one day a week unless prohibited by a significant injury.

3. Wear earrings (almost) every day.

4. No jorts. (or any type of jeans at all, but I really love my jorts)

5. No cleavage. Ever. If you have to ask if it’s too short it is. If you’re still not sure use the heavy box test. Pick a heavy box up off the floor and if you think someone might see something they shouldn’t, then change.

6. Hide bra straps.

7. No neon cheetah at work 😦

Oh and praise the Lord that Lauren Conrad has a blog full of wonderful fashion commandments.



One Response to “Business casual: the uncharted terriority of my post-grad closet”

  1. Mr. N-Back September 29, 2011 at 9:51 pm #

    Where does Camo fit on your spectrum?

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