Quiters never win…

27 Sep

…But they probably waste a lot less time too. Yesterday I was reading a Lee Krasner, a Biography by Gail Levin. Today I quit. I really really really really hate quitting books, even the bad ones. I want to finish it, but in the past two weeks I’ve read 90 pages (out of 400+). At this pace, I’ll finish it after Halloween. Think of how many great, or at least good, books I can read between now and then.

I picked up the book at the library because I’m really interested in Lee Krasner who is most famous for being Jackson Pollock’s wife. She is actually a very accomplished painter herself and a pretty revolutionary woman of her time. I’m still interested in her, luckily there’s a lot of much lighter reading about her life and work available on the internet.

Besides being a big, slow book, the biographer jumps to a lot of her own conclusions. She knew Lee as a young adult and spent quite a bit of time with her. The writer also did a lot of family and scholarly research. Still, many passages start with, “Lee might have…” or “She probably saw such and such exhibit.” Ok, I get it, we can’t ask her. I just think these vague guesses are speculations. I just want more factual info.

Over spring break I read Edie, An American Girl (by Jean Stein)about Edie Sedgwick , Andy Warhol’s muse. This biography was simply excerpts from diaries, tapes and interviews with Edie and people who knew her. It was set up in chronological order so it was a story told by many people. I know it wasn’t totally truth because lots of people mix up or forget details from being high out of their minds in the 60’s, but it still felt more real to me.

What I’ve learned from this whole quitting experience is that I need to write my own biography so no one has to guess which boy bands influenced me as a kid (Backstreet Boys), what my favorite color Jolly Rancher is (Blue Raspberry) and all the other important details of my life.


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