ilove the ipad

14 Sep

I am lucky enough to use one of the hospital’s iPad’s for work. When the iPad originally came out, I was skeptical. What could it offer that my MacBookPro or an iPhone couldn’t? I mean it’s a giant iPod Touch, right? Well, sorta.

Our office has enjoyed playing with them and taking them to meetings for taking notes, but this week I really used mine and had a few “I’m so happy I have an iPad right now” moments.

As a marketing staff we go to lots of meetings. People from all over the hospital pitch us their ideas, brainstorm with us for events and promos and ask us for marketing help. We used to carry Boone Hospital padfolios and took notes on legal pads. Lots of times I would go back to my desk and type up some of the notes, make to do lists and this eventually leads to notes and paper all over the place.

Now I use a free app called Evernote to take notes. I can tag notes, add photos (i’m not sure when I would do this, but I’m ready nonetheless) and organize them. The best part is the app can also be downloaded to a PC also and then synced. So all of my notes can be on the iPad and my desktop. So everything is exactly where I need it!

I’ve also fallen in love with another app called Easy Note, also free (yes, I pretty much only have free apps right now). I can make to do lists, merge them and best of all, make to do lists with in to do lists. I’m really into lists.

On Monday I had two meetings off campus. The first one was about social media for the American Heart Association. I was able to pull up Facebook and Twitter and show different applications and features of social media sites. Granted, I could have done this on a laptop, but it was so convenient to pass the iPad back and forth across the table and flip between apps and the browser.

My second meeting was with the social media person from True Media. Over delicious nachos for lunch, she was able to show me some of the tools she uses to track conversations and I was able to show her what we do. Once again it was nice to pass it back and forth and easily move around on pages.

Today was my biggest iPad moment. At a Heart Walk Committee meeting, we were talking about Stephen’s Lake Park and which pavilion we wanted to use. Not everyone in the meeting was super familiar with the park, so we kept losing people on the descriptions. I used my Google Earth app to zoom in on the satellite photo of the park so we could see exactly where people were thinking. It was so cool to quickly pull up a map of exactly what we needed. Everyone was impressed by my idea and how quickly I could find what we needed.

As much as I love playing, I try to make sure I’m not showing off too much. You’re probably reading this blog post and thinking, too late. I don’t want to rub in that I use an iPad, but it is fun to play with and it can be used for so much more than taking notes.


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