Tina Fey, my hero

31 Aug

(Please read title in the Ferris Bueller voice for full effect)

I read Bossypants about a week and a half ago. It was funny. I laughed out loud like I would if Tina and I would ever hang out. Besides being funny, she also is an influential woman with a down-to-earth perspective on things like breastfeeding and community theater. Yes, this is another blog post about a book.

She wrote about her struggles with weight. One chapter is things she remembers about being skinny and one about being overweight. After each one she says being skinny/heavy is something everyone should try for a short period of time. I laughed, but really, most people will be both at some point. She also takes a chapter to map out the perfect woman (including my personal fave, a “jamacian dance hall ass” I don’t know what that is, but I want one now). The ideas aren’t earth-shattering, but coming from her they are a light way of dealing with a heavy problem. No pun intended.

Woot woot!

Tina also provides a smart kind of funny. Just as you would expect, the book is full of cultural references and character twitches. It’s Tina’s style. She talked a lot about breaking into the male world of comedy and her beginnings in improv. One thing she mentioned were the differences in what males and females think is funny. Guys like action and insult funnies. Ladies like character-based humor.

I also really loved her take on motherhood as she makes it work with a crazy job. It’s a tough question without an acceptable answer. Tina admits that she’s not perfect and sometimes she wishes her situation was different, but she’s not a bad mom for having a career.

Basically I want to be her. Oh, and I LOVE Baby Mama. Rent it this weekend.


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