Fresh surroundings

3 Aug

This weekend I moved most three blocks. Sounds easy? Ha.

I thought I could do it without any help from my family who has moved me to college and in and out of rooms for the past four years. After all, I had my brother’s truck. Well turns out lots of people were out of town or out of commission. My parents offered to come down, and I’m so thankful they did. It worked out really well that out family friends needed to haul a load of furniture back anyways, so we had muscular help from Mr. Loehnig. If I was doing it alone, I’d still be moving right now.

My roomamtes both moved out a week before the end of the lease. For the last week I tried to organize everything and throw away what was old. There were some treasures in the backs of drawers.  I attempted to give away furniture and other things that would not make the move. That was frustrating, but finally everyone came and slowly things thinned out to just my things, which was still a lot.

On Sunday morning, the day of the big move, I helped my parents move some things to my sister’s new apartment and then we headed over to my place and got to work. It took hours and truckloads and sweat and gatorade and trips up the stairs and more sweat. Basically, my parents are the bomb. But we already knew that.

Now I’m settling in to the new place. It won’t really feel like home until pictures are on the walls and dishes are in the sink.

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