What does she do besides work?

23 Jul

It’s pretty cool to have spare time. Let me tell you! Not at work, I’m pretty busy working on a few different projects. But when I come home the evening is my oyster! I’ve found a few things to do…

First, cleaning and organizing. I’ve cleaned out my massive closet and attempted to mentally prepare to move into a bedroom with a normal closet. We’ll see how that goes next week. I couldn’t decide whether or not to keep a bin of costumes with me or to send those home to St. Louis. Not surprisingly, they’re still here. It’s been nice to start an episode of This American Life and get ‘er done. If This American Life just isn’t cutting it, Beyonce or Wicked ALWAYS get the job done.

Read me!

I’ve really enjoyed having time to read, although I’ve been more faithful towards the beginning of the summer. I read The Help which was wonderful. Since it was set in Jackson, Mississippi, it got me in the mood for summer and heat. It centers around an accidental activist writer in the 60’s who stands up for the poor treatment of black maids in her area. Reading civil rights books always makes me wonder if I would have been brave enough to say and think those things. I also loved Water for Elephants and Congo. Now I’m working on The Little Chinese Seamstress.

I’m planning some crafting. Perhaps this weekend.

One aspect of my life that’s gotten a little out of control is my serious addiction to Veronica Mars. Yes, the TV show from 2004. Kristen Bell is wonderful as the witty grown up Nancy Drew-ish character. Luckily Erin has all three seasons on DVD, so I can watch one for breakfast and one for dinner everyday. It’s witty and punny and Veronica lives a dreamy yet complicated life. A little bit of me wishes it were a book instead, but it’s so good I can’t stop.

The next week will be all about packing and cleaning to get ready for the big (two block) move!


2 Responses to “What does she do besides work?”

  1. Erin August 18, 2011 at 12:56 pm #

    I FINALLY finished The Help last night! Cue tears. What’s my next book suggestion

    • smwhitney August 18, 2011 at 3:30 pm #

      Sooo good! Hunger Games? Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

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