Shannon the real person… so far

19 Jul

So now that I’ve been a real person (aka not a college student) for about two months, I feel that I am wise enough to share my insight on the real world to the 12 people who regularly read this blog. Inspired by this blog post which compares 21 vs. 23, I shall compare my life as a student to my life as a non-student, or a real person as I like to say.

I’m not saying I was not actually real before May 13 (which was graduation- actually I think June 6, the start of my job, is a better date to use because I wasn’t exactly real for those 2 weeks). As a student real rules don’t really apply. It’s ok to eat dinner at 9:30 at night because that’s the first time you’ve seen home since breakfast at 9am. No one judges you for being in you jammies in public. All of the cups in your cabinet you acquired for free (unless you count the drink you bought in them) and say “Harpos,” “Heidelberg” or “Shakespeare’s” on the side. You eat most of your meals on the couch. Most of your meals include chips and salsa. It’s acceptable to stay out past midnight on school nights.

I’m not going to claim I no longer indulge in some of the above listed, I’m in transition.I’m trying to use the kitchen table more often, ok?

Here are some of the big ones I’ve noticed so far.

Student: No time to do anything. Three jobs, clubs, homework, friends, dishes.

Real: Come home after work and have time (I realize some people bring work home, luckily not me). I can read, run or craft to my heart’s desire. It was weird at first and I was bored, but right now I’m spending a lot of time packing. I can cook dinner.


At least I still look the same.

Student: Studying.

Real: Reading whatever I want.


Student: Every weekend is either booked or should be spent studying.

Real: I can go home for the weekend, come back at 7pm and not feel stressed about the upcoming week.


Student: Thursday nights, usually yes.

Real: I still have to work at 8am on Friday. With adults.


Student: Jeans and a tee shirt.

Real: Business casual.


Student: Laying on friends couch gossiping.

Real: Talking to friends on the phone.


Student: Multiple little paychecks.

Real: One big paycheck (big considering what I’m used to as a tour guide/exercise instructor/npr).


Student: Knowing what everyone is up to all the time.

Real: Wondering what people are doing, all the time.


Student: Getting tired at 1am.

Real: Getting tired at 11pm.


Student: Running into friends all over campus.

Real: Meeting lots of new people everyday.


Student: Running between classes, shifts and lunch all day.

Real: Spending most of my day in one place.


Student:Doing lots of homework, projects, etc.

Real: Writing a lot and getting published.

That’s all I’ve got right now. Unlike a lot of my friends who’ve literally changed locations, my life isn’t completely turned upside down. It’s much less scary, but maybe much less exciting too.

Working hasn’t been a big change for me, just a lot of little ones. I really like the work I do and I love meeting people and learning things every single day. That’s pretty cool. This fall I want to find some adulthood involvement. I want to find somewhere to volunteer and maybe a dance class?

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