30 Days- still here & loving it

6 Jul

I’ve officially been at Boone Hospital Center for one month (my anniversary is today). Some days I feel like I started this morning and other days feel like I’ve been working here since I was 12. So far it’s been a fun and positive experience!

The first two weeks were consumed by the New Patient Tower Opening events. I was baptized by fire in the madness of coordinating five parties in one week. It was a great “orientation” to the hospital for me. People from different units volunteered and coordinated during the week. I was able to spend time getting to know and working alongside many of them. The beautiful tower impressed our staff and guests and the events went wonderfully. I love being resourceful and helping volunteers find shirts, caterers find outlets and running errands. The customer service aspect is fun for me.

Now that our department is back in the office, we’re getting back to normal- which is totally new for me. My job was created, so I’m not picking up where someone left off or sitting down to a to do list left behind by my predecessor.

Since I’ve started I’ve immersed myself in social media for Boone. I work on the Twitter, Facebook and WordPress presence of the hospital. I spend any of my spare time researching strategies and looking at how other healthcare organizations handle different social media.

This week I’ve begun working on stories for our publications. I’m hanging out with some of our Mennonite volunteers tomorrow and interviewing a patient early next week. I’m excited to do what really attracted me to this position in the first place- storytelling. Impressive things happen in the hospital everyday, so there never seems to be a shortage. This one is my favorite so far:

I’ve done a few other videos from the hospital, including ones on the David Spear painting unveiling, the ribbon cutting and the New Patient Tower Grand Opening. I also put some of our time capsule materials on YouTube, including this classic commercial. Hopefully many more to come! I want to experiment with different cameras and video editing software on my next one(s).

As I slowly get more comfortable, I’m excited to get me creative juices flowing and find more imaginative ways to market our hospital, and more importantly, tell stories.


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