Big Girl Jobs and Beginnings

5 Jun

Tomorrow is the beginning of the end. Actually, it’s just the beginning. Tomorrow is the first day of my new big girl job at Boone Hospital. I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll be working in the marketing department as the Communications Coordinator. Since the position is brand new, I’ll be feeling out some of the responsibilities, but for sure it’ll involve writing, videos, social media and more importantly- storytelling.

Last week I wrapped up my work at KBIA. I was sad to leave the station especially with so many projects and changes around the corner. After six months, I’ve fallen in love with NPR (especially Morning Edition and Science Friday) and I’m researching a satellite radio as a future purchase.

Tomorrow marks endings too. I’m officially a full-time employee. Goodbye summers and a month of for winter break. Goodbye sleeping in until 9 because I feel like it. Goodbye wearing yoga pants to class. On the bright side, goodbye homework, goodbye tests, goodbye jogging from Pilates class to Walter Williams and goodbye carrying 3 costume changes in by backpack. I am pumped to go to work one block away, wear the same clothes all day and then walk home at 5 and have the rest of my night to myself. My list of books to read and crafts to….erhh craft are growing by the minute. My post-college life offers the promise of simplicity and change.

Most of my friends are moving away to look for jobs or begin careers in new (or old) cities. I’m a little jealous of the action of physically moving and starting over in a new city. It’s cheesy, but it’s more real than staying in the same apartment (for now), shopping at the same HyVee and running in the same park. I hope down the road I have the chance to explore and make a nest somewhere, but for now I’m excited to be a “townie” in Columbia.

I love this blog post by Joe Posnanski about how Kansas City, Mo became his home. When people ask me where I live, I can now officially call Columbia home. After all, it is one of the top 25 cities for young people according to an article in The Atlantic.

The saddest part of all this newness is saying goodbye to Mizzou. In the past four years I’ve grown up and grown to love who I’ve become. I’ve been involved in pretty much everything and loved it all. Summer Welcome, Tour Team, Tiger X, QEBH, LSV, One for One, Project Sol and everything else has been the source of friendship and fun. As cheesey as Swine’s lyrics to Mizzou (Hey Jude) are, they are so true to my experience. So here begins a new chapter!

Whenever we walk out into the world,
With all we have learned,
You’ve made us better.

Ask ourselves where do we go,
From here we know,
The answer is clear,
It’s all we’ve hoped for.

Regardless what the future holds,
We’ll bleed black and gold,
You’re guiding us to the life we’ve strive for.


One Response to “Big Girl Jobs and Beginnings”

  1. erinjoneil June 7, 2011 at 4:08 am #

    I’m proud of you, Shannon. I can’t wait to see what big things you [continue to] do! With love forever, Erin O.

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