Tweeting up a storm at #HurleySymp

27 Apr

On Tuesday I joined reporter/producer Kyle Stokes, News Director Janet Saidi, Manager Mike Dunn and J-School Dean Mills in Washington DC for a symposium on the future of public radio.  The event was hosted by Barbara Cochran, the Hurley Chair for the J-School in DC.

Our own Janet Saidi talking about Harvest Public Media.

My job was to live tweet the event. I talked to the organizers before and established a hash tag to create conversation, #HurleySymp (as well as #PublicMedia when I could fit it).  I also looked up everyone involved in the conversation to see if they had a twitter presence that I could use in the tweets. I poked around the internet for advice on live-tweeting events because I don’t have much experience. Most sources had the same advice: use a hash tag, do some reseach, etc.

I was surprised by how quickly the conversation moved when I was trying to capture important statements in 140 characters or less. I constantly found myself typing for a few minutes and then rereading what I had and shortening to fit the character limit.

During the conversation I was following the hash tags on the Twitter app on my desktop to see what other people there were saying and asking. It was fun to see people tweeting and then looking around the room trying to pick them out based on their tiny little avatars.

Besides Tweeting, I took a few photos for our Facebook album as well. Here is Kyle’s story from the event.


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