Things to do in 2011:

9 Jan

It’s nine days into 2011, I think it’s time for some resolutions and goal-setting. I have a big year ahead of me with a lot of exciting changes, including graduation, a new job and getting cut from Mom and Dad’s payroll. This post is going to establish some ground rules and things to do in the next 12 months. Here’s a cool list of some media suggestions for 2011 from Jacobs Media (JacoBlog).

My list will not involve losing weight or hiring a college student, but I have some personal and professional goals for 2011. Here goes:

NashDivas doing karaoke

1. Become an HTML and WordPress Diva. After my trip to Nashville to uncover my not-so-inner-diva, I realized that I need to step up the diva in other parts of my life. My job at KBIA involves a lot of web problem-solving, so far I’ve done ok. By the end of this year I want to answer questions and solve problems quickly and confidently. I know I have a lot to learn, but I’m excited to figure it out. Patience and determination will also be important. This time next year I want to overhear someone say, “Shannon will know, she’s our web diva.”

2. Read more blogs. Especially tech blogs. Part of my job is being an innovator and being on the ball with what’s new and how our station is going to change and grow to keep up. Jacobs says, “Read as much as you can about new media, new technology, and what traditional companies are doing to integrate digital.” I’d love suggestions!

3. Consume more news in general. Read, read, read. I don’t think you can ever have too much news. I need to make a conscious daily effort to seek out news instead of waiting for it to seek me. I’m also interested in learning about regions of the world that don’t necessarily directly affect me. I love Round Earth Media‘s approach. There are tons of important stories out there just waiting to be told. I’m especially interested in Latin America.

Me in 2011 aka Rex Kwan Do's wife, Starla

4. Be healthy. Not lose weight, just be nice to my body so it’s nice back to me. By eating healthy and exercising I will feel and look better. In 2010 (and almost every year before that), I tried, but I think it’s important to keep it on the list just to say that I still have a lot of work to do. More salad, more water, more gym.

5. Run, Shannon, run. I want to run more, longer and faster.

6. Write more. Ms. Laurentious at Cor Jesu always said writing is thinking. I want to think and write more clearly. Maybe I’ll journal, or maybe I’ll just blog more. The more I write, the more my skills will improve.

7. Dress more professionally. Years of Catholic school uniforms ruined my ability to roll out of bed and chose something presentable to wear. In 2010 I made strides in cutting sweatpants and yoga pants out of my daily wear. In May I will be a real person and need to dress accordingly. Until May, I need to practice.

8. Relax. I only have a few months left as an undergraduate and although they will be jam-packed, I need to enjoy every second. As for life after May (if there is any life at all), I want to read more for fun. And nap, of course.

Here's to a wonderful 2011!

So if you can help hold me to these, please do! This past year has been beyond incredible: road trips, Homecoming, karaoke, tours, Fourth of July in Vandalia, El Salvador, Cheaster, Oktoberfest and so much more… Thanks to all who made it the best. 2011 has big shoes to fill!


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