WordPress vs. all those other blogs

30 Dec

So, I’ve been blogging for about two years now on and off and I’ve tried a few different hosts but WordPress has continued to be my favorite. Lately, I’ve been thinking about my loyalty to WordPress and whether or not it is helping me or hurting me.

On one hand, I’m slowly becoming a WordPress expert. Using my personal blogs (this one included), I’ve explored the different widgets, themes and features. Thanks to WordPress, posting has never been complicated, but it’s become a seamless process to put my thoughts/photos/links online. I’ve been able to help a few friends get started and the Missouri Department of Conservation with a quail habitat blog which is no longer maintained :(. The interface is almost as basic as sending an e-mail or using word.

I think my WordPress experience made me a better candidate for the KBIA job I have. We use WordPress as our main CMS and from the inside, the website is easy to navigate and update like my blogs. I’m a pretty good problem solver with in the WordPress system, which I have been called to do a few times already.

I love that WordPress offers two views: Visual and HTML. Thanks to my Online Journalism and Multimedia Planning and Design courses I have a basic understanding of HTML. Sometimes I can outsmart the software and code it myself. I think it’s helpful to look at the code just to understand how WordPress makes it work from the inside.

So, yes, I love WordPress. But…

Maybe I should branch out, try out some other blogs? To be fair and honest, I did have a blogger account and really didn’t like the format. I was disappointed because I usually love most things Google (minus Google Wave and a few others). It didn’t give me much freedom as far as design. Maybe things have changed since that attempt, but I’ve had no reason to go back.

I have a Tumblr account which I use to post my audio stories because they will allow you to host one audio file each week. On most other blog sites you have to pay for the upgrade before you can host audio.

I used to think Tumblr was the ultimate outlet for 13-year-olds to vent about their parents, failed relationships and emo music, but lately that’s changed. I’ve seen a few people use Tumblr as a big microblog. Gwen puts up little posts fairly regularly about recipes she’s trying or a photo she took. I think it’s a fun little slice of life bigger than Twitter, yet smaller than a blog-y blog. I’m debating if I want/need one. Do I need one more thing to forget to update (aka LinkedIn) or would it be a cool way to establish my web presence?? Hmm.

Of course these ideas seem sweetest over winter break when I actually have time to post sweet nothings. Maybe I’ll save that for after graduation…..

Overall, I’m still a WordPress girl. I think it’s easy enough to not intimidate a new blogger, yet I am constantly learning new things to do. The themes are nice, but easily recognizable when you run across another “MistyLook” WordPress blog. I’ve heard a little about Drupal which I need to further investigate. Perhaps that will be my next post.

I hope your 2010 was as wonderful as mine!!  May 2011 be all we hope for and more. Cheers!


2 Responses to “WordPress vs. all those other blogs”

  1. Mr N-back July 12, 2011 at 12:51 pm #

    Really nice!!! Wish you still had your twitter feed on here

    • smwhitney July 13, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

      Hi Dad.

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