Wrapping Up Capstone!

13 Dec

Today we are giving our final presentation to the convergence faculty! I’m excited for what we completed, yet still disappointed we never got the permissions to actually launch the page. To quote the “What we learned”  section of our final paper:

Over the course of the semester we got a taste for Motion, iTunes U, developing a pod cast and implementing a strategy for the University community. Through researching other schools, we saw both successful and poorly designed iTunes U pages. We worked within the bureaucracy of the University to find content, approval and the log in. In meetings we developed contacts on campus and learned about how the University wants their brand to be perceived.  With the elements, research, and testing we have presented, iTunes U at the University of Mizzou will have a success launch under the direction of its new advisor and hire by Vice Provost Dr. Spain.

I really enjoyed putting together a plan to implement the addition of content and inclusion of the faculty and staff. I wish we could have seen more of that plan carried out this semester, but hopefully it will happen in the near future.

Capstone was a learning experience in teamwork and large-scale projects. The class in which I learned the most concrete skills this semester was/is definitely Multimedia Planning and Design. I learned Dreamweaver, XHTML and Flash Catalyst which has opened the door in making me a candidate (and recent hire) at KBIA-FM.

Two Fridays ago I went in to learn a little bit more about a newly opened position and left with a brand new opportunity. I will be working part-time until graduation and then hopefully full-time on the KBIA website. Last Wednesday I learned how to upload podcasts and make changes to the site in Dreamweaver and WordPress. I’ll have some work to do over break, and lots to keep my busy next semester.

I’m so excited to join the family of my favorite newsroom! The next few months are going be busy, but such a good learning experience. Right now I have a pretty basic and functional knowledge of Dreamweaver. In a few months (or weeks), I’ll hopefully be a pro! This will definitely be one of the best Christmas gifts I could ask for- a job:)


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