Big girl job hunt

24 Nov

I’m a first-semester senior, all set to graduate in May. This week I’m going back to my high school, reuniting with old friends and spending Thanksgiving with my family. Naturally I’m mentally preparing myself for the conversation I’m about to have 70 times:

Me: Hi (insert name), how have you been?

Relative/friend: Fine, how are you?

Me: Great!

R/f: You’re a senior now, right?

Me: I hate to say it, but yes.

R/f: So what are your plans after graduation?

Me: Well….

Now here’s the part that needs practice. I’m not exactly sure what my next step is and it’s terrifying and exciting at the same time. I really wish I had an answer. Not only would I have less to worry about but also I think it would make me look smarter, especially in front of adults. In the back of everyone’s mind they are saying “Shannon, get your life together.”

In all reality, I am researching and applying for a few different things. My options are all over the place and none of them are even close to being solid, so I’m not explaining. Take my word, I AM working on it and I AM worried, maybe even freaking out.

The options I am most interested in are:

Missionary work: Not my parents’ favorite, but ever since El Salvador I can’t stop thinking about going back. My Spanish could use the practice and I think speaking it everyday is the only way to be fluent. I also feel a calling to serve and push my comfort zone.

PR/Communications: I love the skills I’ve learned in journalism school and I think working in PR  could let me put them to use for a purpose besides news. PR also would give me a chance to tell some unique stories from the inside of an organization. I’m most interested in working in a hospital or some sort of health care, but I’m open!

Reporting: I’ve put in resumes at some news papers/sites. I would like to tell stories and reporting is the ultimate way to do that. I think the reporting life-style would be a difficult one, but if I’m going to do it, I need to do it now.

Pilates Instructor: I know this might not be a full-time option, but I would seriously love it.

My mind can/will change a few times between now and graduation in May. Until then, I’m focusing on school, saving my money and keeping my eyes open for opportunities. Right now, it’s ok not to know, but in May I hope to have at least something figured out…


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