Web Design

15 Oct

This weekend and Monday evening I worked for hours on a site design for my Multimedia Planning and Design project. We were given basic multimedia content for a story about one student’s trip to Rwanda and assigned to plan a site (and design it on illustrator) around the story.

I drew out my design and used the colors of the Rwandan flag, which I probably would not have chosen otherwise (I will probs have to defend my decision, so the flag seems like a solid choice).  After deciding on how to split up the audio slideshows, video, photos and text, I sketched a site map and a layout for each page. Easy as pie. I like to think I’m creative, so this part went pretty fast.

This step made me think about HOW a user would find the site and WHAT story it would tell. My design needed to encourage logical navigation and ease in use. It is important users read the text first so they better understand WHY the group went to Rwanda and the photos, video and audio make more sense. The navigation needs to be obvious so the user can skip around to see what they want easily.

Next I had to make a copy on Adobe Illustrator or another program. To be honest, I know very little about Illustrator but I thought I could figure it out. After about an hour, I decided to surrender and do my layout in Photoshop. The finished product looks how I want it to, but I realized I really need to expand my skill set.

Moral of the story: I’m an idea person. Making my ideas happen is not always as easy (or fun). Learn Illustrator before graduation!


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