Researching iTunes U

15 Sep

This coming Monday we are presenting our capstone research. Most other groups are conducting surveys and doing some sort of market research. Our research is just finding out what it will take to get this project off the ground and then creating a timeline and implementation plan. We split the task into three sections and each tackled one for the presentation on Monday.

I’m covering the marketing of the site once it is launched and how we can convince people to use iTunes U instead of YouTube on campus. As for marketing, we’re preparing a media package and maybe a small campaign to get the word out that we have a site. We want to target current students and faculty, potential students and academics.

We really don’t have any surveying to do because we are not creating the content, we’re just getting it all online.

As soon as we get it up and running, we want to present to other parts of the university. We can show them what to add and how to add it. Using our workflow, it should be pretty simple (hopefully). We also plan to make a packet to hand off to the full-time staff person as a “how-to.”

The last part of my research is iTunes U vs. YouTube. I can’t say I’m totally sold myself, but I see some perks to iTunes U.

iTunes U seems a little more professional to me, because a 13-year-old doing Brittney Spears impressions can’t add to it. Also, to start an iTunes U page, the school must have 150 videos of decent quality. This means the site has a more academic reputation, but I’m not sure it’s the first place I would look for a video. Also, with iTunes U, you can upload longer and higher quality video than YouTube.

Tyten says we have lots of RJI content to kick this off, I think after that we can work to encourage other departments to add what they have and perhaps make new videos and podcasts.


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