Getting my nerd on: XHTML

10 Sep

In my Multimedia Planning and Design class we’re leaning XHTML (and CSS is next). I spent a lot of time this week googling codes and verifying my page. I’m amazed how even if the code displays right it can be wrong and those seemingly little problems can create bigger issues down the road.

After this week I have a much greater respect for the “nerds” who look at this code and understand exactly what it means and how to fix it. My eyes are also open wider to incredibly artistic and complicated pages on the web and how crazy their code looks. “View Source” is my new favorite hobby.

Learning to code, or at least just understanding it will not only be a marketable skill, but also help me conceptualize design better.

On a side note, I received word from the pastor we worked with in El Salvador that there has been three days of terrible gang violence. Many shops and schools are closed because people are too scarred to leave home. I’m sad I can’t find any recent news stories about it. Please keep the people of El Salvador in your thoughts and prayers.


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