Senior? Capstone? Me?

25 Aug

On Monday I started my senior year at the University of Missouri. I am a little scared and a little excited. This fall I am talking two journalism classes: my capstone, which is MU’s version of an undergraduate thesis, and an elective called Multimedia Planning and Design.

Capstone has a reputation for a lot of self-directed work. Here’s the blurb about my project:

iTunes U @ Mizzou: the Public Rollout: The University of Missouri is finally ready (well, almost ready) to launch the public side of iTunes U, a platform to distribute regularly-updated multimedia content produced by MU faculty, staff and student that prospective students, lifelong learners, government officials and many other constituents can subscribe to. The team would work with the Vice-Provost for Undergraduate Studies to develop a strategy for launching the first content stream (perhaps wrapped around RJI and/or the Mizzou Advantage program) and with RJI IT Analyst Tyten Teegarden to build workflows in Podcast Producer to automate the branding and distribution of the content.

I don’t really know what to expect, but I’m excited to get started! We are assigned to post on a blog (this one) each week. Check back for weekly updates.

My Multimedia Planning and Design class looks pretty great too! I’m excited to learn about building and designing user-friendly websites. Both of my classes will improve my technical knowledge and expand my skills set, especially software. I can’t believe there is only one year left of my college career and I need to start thinking about life after graduation. Expect lots of blogging, designing and capstoning this fall.


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