Intern Summer in Jefferson City

20 Aug

This week I wrapped up my summer internship at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Division of State Parks. It was definitely a learning experience. Here are a few of the things I learned about myself and about interning:

1. After a thirty minute commute every morning, I felt intimately connected with the dj’s on most of the local radio stations. I also know most music that is currently popular as well as more celebrity gossip than I care to admit.

2. I learned how to write press releases which was semi-new to me as a journalist. Sue showed me tons of examples of the Department’s style, so it was pretty easy to mimic.

3. I got to visit some state parks and historic sites and learn about Missouri history and recreation.  Pretty sweet.

4. Thanks to the Katy Ride, I expanded my knowledge and blogging experience.

5. I learned about bureaucracy in state government. I’m an oldest child  (born bossy leader), a journalism student (lots of decision making in the field, less in the newsroom) and creative (artsy-fartsty). Needless to say the chain of command was a huge shock to me. I am a decision-maker and a leader who all of a sudden was at the bottom of the food chain.  This experience taught me a lot about patience, working to fulfill a specific person’s expectations and how  the “real world” works.

6. Event planning is all about the details. My boss was great at her job because she is detail-oriented. At the Trail Ride we had more than enough supplies to last for the whole week and everything was taken care of in advance. All of her planning made the event run more smoothly.

Overall, I had a good summer. I definitely got some solid experience and a taste for special events and PR. Thanks to all in State Parks!


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