Katy Trail Ride Blog

30 Jun

350 cyclists. 225 miles. 5 days.

As a Special Events Intern at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Division of State Parks, I worked on the ride from the moment I began working for them until June 25 at 4 o’clock when I got back to Columbia. During the planning stages I did a lot of grunt work (i.e. counting safety pins, stuffing packets, other “intern work”), but during the ride I had the BEST job: blogging. While all the other staff members were moving luggage and setting up tents I was hanging out with the riders, learning about where they’re from, their training, their families and anything else they shared with me.

Here’s a link to my blog.

Although there were over 350 cyclists, I felt like I got to know quite a few of them pretty well. Each day I told the details of the day- where they rode, how long and cool stops. I also did a silly top 10 list and a featured “Rider of the Day.”  I interviewed one person in-depth and with the help of James, we had some video components, too.

Similar to my experience in El Salvador, I loved having personal interactions and sharing the stories. Also similar to El Salvador, it was a very sweaty a week. Throughout the week I gained experience and the posts came more naturally to me. I had a better eye for stronger photos and the riders became more comfortable with me taking pictures of them sweating and wearing spandex.

It was a really long and tiring week (most nights I went to bed at midnight and got up at 4:15 to help with breakfast), but I can see improvement in my blog. The week also gave me more confidence in quick friend-making. By the end of the week I was comfortable chatting with anyone.

Thanks Katy Trail!


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