The week I feel in love with El Savador and blogging

10 Jun

Spending nine days in El Salvador opened my eyes to so many wonderful things. I saw God’s hands at work each day in the clinic and the worship services. I met incredible doctors, dentists and med students and learned so much about the medical profession. Above all, I honed my photography and blogging skills. Check out my work from the week!

Each day I took hundreds of pictures, seriously hundreds. I grew more brave throughout the week about taking random, candid shots. I also think my picture quality improved throughout the week. My job was the best- I played with kids and talked to patients all day. I met some of the most incredible people and got a chance to tell their stories. That’s really what I did all week: storytelling. I peeked into consultations and listened and watched doctors at work.

I kept a little notebook in my pocket and wrote down everything I saw and heard. Each night I sat down in my hotel room, reread my notes and went to work on a blog entry. Without the notes, I would have been overwhelmed from the sensory overload from the day. The nights were long sometimes, my roomies fell asleep as I uploaded pictures from the day. I wish out internet could have been a little bit more dependable and faster, but we were in a third world country.

It was exciting to be the only journalist on the trip. I felt like my job was important. People who left comments were so encouraging to me and our whole group. I felt like my work mattered to so many more. The blog got close to 500 hits on its best day, which is a personal best for me!

I learned to deal with kids, low battery, noisy crowds, moving subjects and much more. It was an AWESOME week and I can’t wait to go on another mission trip.


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