Megabus and Mega Stress

18 Apr

This Thursday I realized that there are only four weeks (counting today) of shifts left. Yikes. By the end of the semester I’m supposed to have 7 features and 10 wraps. Currently I have 5 features and 5 wraps (now 6 thanks to Megabus). So Shannon needs to get her life together.

Like any rational journalist, I began freaking out. I started four stories.

I put in a call and eventually talked to the Megabus president, who was pretty cool. My story focused on an old press release about how they gave away 100,000 free rides from January to March- the slow travel season.

Just so you know the promotion worked. Almost half of the free riders have used Megabus again. My story was a wrap that pretty much said that and some other factual info about Megabus. I wish I would have gotten another local, interview from outside of Megabus, but travel agencies don’t book Megabus and the Columbia Department of Tourism didn’t have anything to say.

Not my favorite story ever. My biggest challenge was to avoid sounding like a press release. Janet edited my script and gave me some good pointers on how to stay out of it.

On Friday I interviewed a tax expert at Mizzou about a new change in tax laws… this one looks like it could be a beefy story because there are a lot of things about taxes I do not know and a lot of upset people. More to come!


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