Live from Teller's…

13 Apr

On Tuesday, April 6, I was part of KBIA’s election coverage team. James Steward and I were assigned to Tracy Greever-Rice’s election party at Tellers on Broadway. Greever-Rice ran for Fourth Ward City Council.

I got there around 7:30 and met James. He already did one live call-in to KBIA’s live broadcast of the election results. We hung out at the party, talked to her supporters, family and friends, took pictures, and waited.

I called in at 8:40 for another live report. I wrote my script ahead of time and read it over the phone to Maureen to get “edits.” After a few minutes of nervous anticipation they cued me in and I read it in my best conversational tone. I have no idea what it sounded like because it went so so so fast. I wonder if it’s because I was nervous or because I just talk really fast?

A little while later we learned the results- Greever-Rice lost. The mood of the party became significantly less fun. James called into the station to say that she lost and they asked if she could make a comment on the air. With the phone in his hand he pulled her aside to ask if she would talk on air. She said. “Do I have to?”

She did. I felt bad for her, but I guess that kind of comes with the territory. We also did a follow up interview together, not live. It made me think about how rough it is to lose, especially in the spotlight, even just for a local city council seat.

James and I went back to the station and turned a quick story for the next morning’s newscast and then left around 11:30pm.

I’d say my first live experience was a success, but I wish I could have reported on a winner…


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