Kewpie Geneologist

26 Mar

Here's the famous Kewpie.

For most of the month of March I’ve been working on a feature about Charley Blackmore, the webmaster of, the official gathering place for Kewpies. (Kewpie is Hickman High School’s mascot, if you’re not familiar. It looks like a little smiling baby)

I found Charley while working on MyMissourian stuff and thought he would be an excellent character for a radio feature. He was.

Towards the end of February I contacted him and he invited me to his home for an interview. We sat in his kewpie-filled study and he told me the story of how he started the site and how Kewpie networking and history have become his passion. He has a truly incredible memory- he says he’s met someone from every class at Hickman. He told stories about the alum he’s contacted and how his work as a DJ has been his ticket to class reunions.

I could have listened to his stories all day, unfortunately, my batteries were running low. I recorded only 35 minutes of our conversation (which is still a lot).

Many of my shifts turned into day turn stories and this project was put on the back burner until I wrapped it up last week. I went in to the story with the intention of making a feature about kewpie history, but the project morphed into a profile on Charley because he is such a character. I wish I would have gotten some nat sound, but overall I’m pleased with the piece. I e-mailed it to him, I hope he is too!


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