Hate Crimes Q&A

9 Mar

Dear Blog,

Sorry I’ve been neglectful. Great news, I’m back! 

Today I did a Q&A with two professors from the MU law school on hate crimes. This subject is a big deal on campus after two students duped cotton balls outside the campus Black Culture Center last Monday. Here’s the latest from the Trib. 

The professors answered my questions about intent, punishment and helped apply it to our recent situation. I learned a lot from them and they helped clear up some of the rumors and assumptions made through speculation. I hope listeners think so too. 

I was supposed to finish editing it this afternoon, but the server was down, so hopefully I can finish it up tomorrow or Wednesday morning. The biggest challenge is editing a 26 minute interview down to a manageable time for air. 

For the past few weeks I have also been working on a profile of Charley Blackmore, a kewpie enthusiast and historian. I should finish it up this week as well! 

Look forward to great things. Also, things are looking up on the summer internship front… please let me know if you know anyone who is hiring!


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