MODOT Meeting Wrap

5 Feb

Yesterday I spent my first news shift of the new semester covering MODOT’s monthly meeting held for the first time in Columbia. Jie Yi came with me because it was her first shift. We showed up at the meeting about 10 minutes early and everyone seemed to know each other. Even though there was a lot of talking going on, no one wanted to do an interview until after the meeting. One man form the highway 21 Commission spoke to us and as I recorded I handed the headphones to Jin See. She immediately set them down. At this point I thought the audio levels were adjusted but I wanted her to listen and make sure we were recording and his voice was audible. I could not pick them up to listen because I had the microphone in one hand and I was holding the  batteries in the marantz with my other hand. After the interview, which provided little context to the meeting, especially for people in mid-Missouri, not near Highway 21, I listned to the audio and I couldn’t hear a thing. I was really frustrated and tried to explain to Jie Yi why that happened, but I guess I should have explained that to her before we went in to the meeting. 

The meeting started 30 minutes late with some formal minutes and motions. I collected some audio being broadcast from the speakers, but I did not get any personal interviews before I had to leave in order to get to class on time. Huge disadvantage of being a student journalist. I also took some pictures, but it was a bunch of people sitting around- not exciting at all. Overall, I was not pleased with my work but I thought some of the clips from the meeting might be usable. 

Later, Janet told both Jie Yi and I we could not use audio unless the microphone was closer to the person’s mouth. I understand that because the sound quality was not good enough to air. So, I guess it was a learning experience for both of us. 

She wrote a short news story on it for the afternoon news cast and I came in at 6:15 to do a short wrap (unfortunately without an actuality) for this morning’s newscast. I was already asleep again by the time it aired! Listen to it on my Tumblr.


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