Blogging Basics

5 Feb

On Tuesday I spoke at a Missouri Department of Conservation’s DMT regional Supervisors Meeting at Tan Tar A Resort at the Lake. Last semester I interned at the MDC and helped Brent set up a blog about Saline Springs Conservation. He asked me to speak with him about what blogs could do for MDC and how to set one up. 

I loosely modeled my presentation off of Joy Mayer’s blogging presentation for our Online Journalism class.  Some of the topics I covered include: types of blogs, the difference between a blog and a website, how to establish and connect with an audience, and the importance of an about me page. I prepared a powerpoint and then logged on to WordPress to walk them through some of the basic steps. Brent showed them how easy it is to post and all the traffic he’s received so far! The presentation was pretty well-received and they had tons of questions, mostly about logistics. 

Going into the presentation I was scared, but it was only about 20 people around a table with tons of questions and a sense of humor. I was really excited and honored to be asked to speak! I hope they were inspired to give blogging a try.


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