I'm baaaaack

27 Jan

Winter break flew by and I was glad to take a little break from producing journalism and became a consumer for four weeks. Now I’m back at school for another semester. My only journalism class this semester is Advanced Reporting/Independent Study at KBIA. This entails one shift at the station, mine will be from 9am-12pm on Thursdays each week. During those shifts (and other class time beyond) I will produce at least 7 features and 10 wraps. That’s sounds overwhelming right now, but time always seems to fly.

My biggest goal for this semester is to improve my voicing. I’ve spent a lot of time listening to NPR and I want to sound more laid back and conversational. This will come with a lot of practice! I also want to be more productive during my shifts. Last semester I often felt like I was wasting time just waiting around, but this semester I will have multiple projects to work on and hopefully make better use of my short shift.

My first shift is a week from Thursday, February 4, wish me luck!

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