Attempt at Twitter

8 Dec

Today I met Brent at the MDC office in Columbia to help him set up a twitter account and explain how it could help him. We wanted to connect it to the blog (via a widget) so people could get little tidbits of info daily. 

Unfortunately, the department has a firewall that will not allow access to Twitter. He tried calling the IT department and they were not able to help him. Apparently they need individual permission to get a Twitter account, which kind of surprised me. I spend all of my time around students who tweet all the time and never think twice about being “allowed.” 

Brent and another gentleman (I can’t think of his name…) were telling me that they are encouraged to work with Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, but then they run into permission problems down the road. I do understand why the department limits access, but I think instead they should consider creating standards and guidelines for tweeting.

Because we could not get Twitter started, I tried to explain it a little bit (which is really hard without the page open in front of you). They drilled me with questions about who will read the tweets, how to tweet, etc. It made me think really hard about how to use Twitter as an educational tool. We are going to try to get together later to try again.

I have really enjoyed working for the MDC because I it gave me a lot more freedom and I like working for a cause. I hope I can continue working with Brent and hopefully anyone else who would needs blog help. He also asked me to speak with him about the blog at a conference in February. I’m so excited and honored!


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