What is Journalism??

7 Dec

As a final for my Online Journalism class we had to create a very basic website (just to show we understand coding) about what we believe is journalism. Throughout the semester we explored blogging, citizen journalism, Tweeting and other forms of social networking.

I feel like the eternal “what is journalism” question comes up in every class, but each course I take helps shape my definition. I tend to steer away from traditional newsrooms, and this class helped me realize some of the other possibilities. My list applies to more than newspapers, TV stations, and internet news orgs.

Here’s my top list:

NEWS. New. Timely. Now.
IMPACT. Effects people. Local, global- deesn’t matter, just somebody (or lots of bodies).
STORYTELLING. Each person can tell a story in a different way. It is not how the story is told, but that it is told at all. Share.
PROBLEMS. Not controversy for controversy’s sake. Not scandal. A forum of society’s problem solving. Spreading awareness and hopefully inspiring action.
NETWORK. How the world stays up to date. Reminds us that we are similar after all.

You can check out my site, but don’t make fun of my design (or lack of).


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