WordPress Workshop

1 Dec

Last Tuesday I went to Fayette to help Brent launch his blog about quail habitat and overall conservation in Saline Springs. I showed him how to use WordPress because it’s my favorite free blog so far. I think it’s fairly simple to use and I really like the professional look of the templates. 

We started slow, explaining the parts of the blog and by the end of the “lesson” he was doing his own posts, create pages and even made a blog role. I felt like an expert and I was proud to see the blog all put together. For the next couple weeks I will continue to help him out here and there, but I think Brent knows what he is doing and will become even more confident with more experience. 

Check out Brent’s new blog!

When I came to Mizzou to study journalism I thought I wanted to be on TV or writing for a magazine. After taking reporting and learning more about the making, or should I say reporting, of news I realized that I don’t want to play that role in a newsroom. Working with the MDC has given me the opportunity to use my skill set in a new way: with a cause. 

Teaching Brent was a great experience as well! I have never taken a class on how to use WordPress, I simply just played with it. I really wouldn’t even consider myself an expert, but I was able to teach him what he needed to know and answer almost any question he threw at me.

I think newsrooms as well as businesses might need people like me that are not scared to play with new media and then teach other about what I find. I’m not exactly sure what that job title would be, but I’m planning on including this experience and skill in my resume.


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