Field Trip: Sweet Springs!

11 Nov


This is a buffer zone on the side of a field


I spent all day today with Brent Vandeloecht who is in charge of private land management for MDC. I rode with him to Sweet Springs, Mo. and we checked out farms in the area. He explained the importance of quail habitat and showed me both good and bad examples. It was important to see what he was talking about to truly understand the sacrifice of land owners and the difference the habitat makes. 

Next, we are going to get him started on a blog. He wants an online resource and community builder for the land owners. I think this blog can include FAQ’s and updates. 

One unexpected lesson I learned today is the importance of building trust with sources/clients/anyone you deal with day to day. Brent has a background in cattle farming and is very familiar with planing and farming in general. The farmer we met today trusted him because he could “talk the talk.” I admired how easily he related to the man we spoke to and how important that is in the “real world.” As a journalist I need to develop this relationship with the people I interview!


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