I don't think we're in Kansas anymore

3 Nov

This weekend I went with 25 Tour Teamers to Boulder, Colorado for the MU v. CU game. Of course we drove- 11 hours each way. That’s not even the worst part: we drove the majority of those hours through Kansas. I don’t like Kansas for a lot of reasons, I am a Mizzou fan after all. But seriously, even if I didn’t have a vendetta against kU, the state is ugly, boring, and huge. 

On the way home we kept passing billboards for the Oz Museum. Josh really wanted to stop at a tourist attraction, so we drove 9 miles off the highway to Wamego, Kansas. It’s not very big but you might have heard of it because it’s Dorothy’s hometown in The Wizard of Oz. We stopped downtown at the Oz Museum, that boasts an 11-foot bust of the Tin Man (we saw it through the window because the museum is not open at 6:30 on a Sunday).



Team Fit went to Oz

Next door was the Oz Winery and on the other side Toto’s Tacoz. Not even kidding. Sadly, it was all closed, but we took some sweet pics and then headed back to the painfully dull highway 70.


Toto's Tacoz

I couldn't make this up if I tried

toto's tacoz

Only in Kansas




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