Ms. Manager: my first week

16 Oct


So here’s what I think 4804ers should know:

-Get contacts for a story early, like the week before.

-Report early, aim to be done Tuesday evening.

-Fisnish the script and have as many people as possible read it (project manager, faculy, faculy again, etc.).

-Don’t make AP errors, that’s just lame.

-E-mail everyone a lot. Keep communication open so everyone knows what everyone else is working on at all times.

-Read Karen’s e-mails and write a headline already.

This week began my first of two weeks as a project manager for the 4804 class. I was assigned a group of three, who will all remain unnamed. They e-mailed proposals last Wednesday and two of the three held some potential. They were supposed to sharpen them up before the pitch on Friday. When Friday rolled around neither story was wonderful, so they were supposed to continue making contacts throughout the day. I sent a few friendly e-mails and crossed my fingers that some reporting had begun. On Tuesday one of the members cc’ed me in an e-mail to the faculty members that they had chosen a story on the BCCA and the elderly/volunteer pairing. The idea being an easy story, so more attention would be paid to technical quality of their work.

I tried not to let their story stress me out, after all I had little to no control over the work they were doing.  On Wednsday night they did the bulk of their reporting (deadline being 5pm the next day… yikes). Late that night they e-mailed me the first draft of the sccript, I looked over it and encouraged them to get a faculty edit as soon as possible, in oreder to voice the TV package. They seemed to get it together on Thursday and finished not too long after 5pm.

As a manager, I was frustrated that I couldn’t be more involved in the reporting and the editing. I reccommended they set deadline for the differnt components and plan on having lots of time to edit and get faculty opinions. This, of course, did not happen and everything was finished last minute. Last semester I always aimed to have a faculty member take a look or listen to my pieces before I was done with them (which means finishing early) because they are not only grading the projects, they also have good suggestions that imrpove the piece and improve you as a journalist.  I think the story they worked on could have been improved with the help of a faculty member.


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