Connecting with alumni on Twitter

15 Oct

This Tuesday was my last (scheduled) shift at KBIA. But I’ll be heading back tomorrow to finish up. 

My story is on alumni organizations at local universities (Mizzou, Columbia College and Truman State University) are using Twitter. I pitched this because the Twitter crowd is surprisingly older than I expected (median age being 31!) and everyone, m friends, small businesses, organizations, etc. all are tweeting. I think it’s an exciting new tool and I hope listeners are interesting in learning about how it is being used. 

I spent some time researching Twitter data online and searching within Twitter for local alumni organizations. Almost all universities are using Twitter in one way or another. The most common for news and sports. I focused on alumni because it wasn’t reaching to what I expected to be the Twitter crowd– my friends. 

I interviewed three sources and transcribed. I think I’m ready to write a script and possibly go back to one more source! Hopefully I’ll be done this week.


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