7 Oct

Today was not my best day, by a long shot. I arrived at KBIA planning to research a feature piece or possibly do a day turn if there was one that needed to be done. Janet asked me to help a B1 student, Jordan, on a story about the economic impact of the Tour of Missouri. 

This idea came from an article from the Branson paper that was republished on many, many websites in Missouri. It included figures that broke down the profits by the average amount of money spent by a local vs. a tourist, instate tourist vs. out of state tourist, etc. All of these numbers came from the lieutenant governor’s office. Of course, they wouldn’t return our calls. We also called some local businesses in the towns that the Tour of Missouri went through.

There was not a lot of meat to the story, just numbers and unanswered calls. Jordan did the write up and I helped with the gathering process. I planned to spend the afternoon beginning a feature on the use of social media by local universities after a quick lunch meeting.

Then my car died. 

So I had it towed to an auto repair shop, where they fixed it and by then I was done with journalism for the day. I’m putting together a list of sources for my story and plan to schedule interviews for next Tuesday.


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