Secret Menus?!?!?

28 Sep

I had no idea fast food chains had secret menus. I feel like as a semi-frequent customer (I’m trying harder to make it to “rare customer” status) and a friend of more than one fast food employee, I should have known by now.

Check out this article on CNN: 10 secret menu items at fast food restaurants


neopolitan shake (thanks to D is for Diva blog)

neopolitan shake (thanks to D is for Diva blog)

During the summers in high school and one in college, I worked in a concession stand at my municipal pool. On slow (rainy) days we got creative in the kitchen and invented delicious new items like jalapeno pizza, m&m ice cream, root beer floats and the ever popular chili cheese Fritos. We never sold them or even shared with the lifeguards, and I’m not entirely sure we would have made them for customers even if they asked… but I guess fast food restaurants might. I’m going to have to try a Neapolitan shake next time I’m at McDonald’s. 


This blogger knows about the secret too…. D is for Diva.


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