Tuesdays never go as planned

23 Sep
Tail of the plane

Tail of the plane

Highway Patrol covered the wreck with a tarp

Highway Patrol covered the wreck with a tarp


Today I: 

a.) started working on my feature story.

b.) saw lots of cows.

c.) did MULTI-MEDIA for KBIA

d.) All of the above

D is correct. I showed up at KBIA at 9am to finish my transcribing, write a killer script, voice and edit my piece. I did my last interview with Mayor Darwin Hindman and finished up transcribing. I met with Sara to talk about writing a feature script, something I have never done before. As I was beginning my script, someone in the newsroom saw a story about a plane crash on KOMU’s website. Sara decided that we needed to send a reporter, and I was the only person not in class. So I went to Millersburg (just north of Fulton).

I got decent directions online before I left. I knew the plane crash was on Route J, which I thought would be easy to find.  I pulled over and asked for directions a ton (ok, four times).  On accident I ran into the volunteer fire chief of Millersburg. She was on site shortly after the accident and gave me a short interview. 

By the time I finally got to the accident, took a few pictures (I posted two above). These are not Karen-quality photos, but in my defense there was no one to photograph (boring) and the high way patrol man who’s job was to babysit the journalists didn’t let us get very close. He wasn’t available for an interview, but  I knocked on the door of the house across the street from the crash. The woman who lived there agreed to get dressed and give me and the reporter from Fox 2 (from St. Louis) an interview. 

It was neat to work alongside a professional reporter who was not from the area. As we waited for her to get “camera-ready” I asked about his career and he told me how his station was making cuts and forcing him to take unpaid vacation. He also gave me some depressing advice, 

“I would advise any young person, like yourself, you might want to look for something else. Journalism is rough right now.”

Thanks. Thanks a lot. 

Although his story was for TV, I stuck my stick mike in there too. He kept asking her to describe what happened and her personal story, which was the only story she knew. I like how he did that and eventually we got a good sound bite from her. I stayed with her for a few more minutes and she opened up further without the video camera. 

After that I drove back to the station and put together my script, voiced it, and edited it.I guess I’ll work on the feature later. My story is front page news on KBIA.org

Check out my screen shot: 


Check out this mom!

Check out this mom!


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