Let Elton adopt! (but don't be mean about it)

23 Sep

So I just read an editorial on CNN by Joy Behar about Elton John’s attempt to adopt an HIV positive child from an orphanage in Ukraine. He and his partner were denied adoption because of their age. Behar is convinced that he was denied because he is gay. I don’t know what the deal is or why he was denied, but the Ukrainian Church is know to condemn homosexuality. 




I totally agree with Behar on one hand- Elton should be allowed to adopt the child. He has the funds ($$) and he wants to be a parent. Yes, Elton is old, but the child has HIV and is stuck in an orphanage where he is most likely not getting any kind of treatment. Elton could afford to give this a chance a life, and a really nice one at that! As for him being an older father, other guys do it all the time. Besides, Elton is taking care of himself so with the help of his partner, and probably a nanny or two, he could care for a child.


So that’s my felling on the issue. Behar wrote about the same feelings in a tacky and abrasive way. She is incredibly insulting to the church and the adoption agency that I half-way wanted to side with them out of pity. I understand it’s an opinion column, but after reading it I never want to read another one of her pieces again. Ever. When I was little my dad always encouraged me to keep cool and not cry during arguments so the person I was disagreeing with would see that I was fighting with reason, not passion. Behar’s passionate approach was unnecessarily mean and instead of walking away form the issue agreeing with her, I was more upset with her writing. Oh, and her picture makes her look disagreeable too, but there’s me getting passionate.

If you have some spare time that you will never get back, read Joy Behar’s column.


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