Uniform Love

18 Sep

So my sister was reading Glamor Magazine and saw an article about this girl with a blog, a mission, and a cause. Sheena Matheiken is wearing one dress for an entire year. It’s called the Uniform Project.

In her words:

“Starting May 2009, I have pledged to wear one dress for one year as an exercise in sustainable fashion. Here’s how it works: There are 7 identical dresses, one for each day of the week. Every day I will reinvent the dress with layers, accessories and all kinds of accouterments, the majority of which will be vintage, hand-made, or hand-me-down goodies. Think of it as wearing a daily uniform with enough creative license to make it look like I just crawled out of the Marquis de Sade’s boudoir.

The Uniform Project is also a year-long fundraiser for the Akanksha Foundation, a grassroots movement that is revolutionizing education in India. At the end of the year, all contributions will go toward Akanksha’s School Project to fund uniforms and other educational expenses for children living in Indian slums.”

How cool is that?

Being a former catholic school girl, I can relate.  I LOVED my uniform for 13 years. Every morning I rolled out of bed, put my hair in a pony tail, threw on my plaid skirt, and grabbed a pop tart and went to school. Now I have to pick a t-shirt ot match my flip-flops. It’s rough.

I would go for a uniform, but I don’t think I have Sheena Matheiken’s creativity or style…

Check out her site and follow her fashion/charity experiment! The Uniform Project


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