A feature in the works

15 Sep

Today was a slow news day at KBIA and I figured three weeks deep, I need to start thinking about bigger things than day-turn stories. I have one story that I’m waiting to hear back from a source. I pitched a different idea on a whim. 

When ever a bunch of j-school students get together to complain-I mean catch up the conversation easily turns to our frustration with story ideas. People from larger places always say that everything in Columbia has at least been covered once. My story this week is about the journalism-saturated community of Columbia. 

I began by calling and scheduling interviews with as many of the most popular sources in Columbia. Today I talked to the Media Relations person from the Columbia Public School District, the PR person from the Library and Councilman Karl Skala. I have interviews scheduled with the Chief of  MUPD and the City Manager’s office as well. I asked them about their interactions with journalism students and how they handle all of student reporters. Today Brian Brooks also sat down with me and expressed his gratitude to the community for nurturing the j-students.

I’m excited about this story and I love the reaction I got from my friends in journalism.  This is the kind of story that would never fly in the 4804 story meeting or at KOMU, but the KBIA newsroom is perfect for these more creative ideas. 

Hopefully the story will be complete by the end of this week or early next week!


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